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Digital Staging vs Staging

It's no secret that property styling brings many benefits to a sales campaign when choosing to put your home on the market. According to a styled home averages just 33 days on the market, compared to 90 for an un-styled home.

Whilst property styling is more accessible and a common expectation from savvy buyers, the rise of digital technologies such as AI has seen the introduction of Digital or Virtual Staging - where real estate images are digitally altered to include furniture and decor (and in some cases, even changing physical features of the home).

Here we take a look at some of the benefits of staging your home for sale, as opposed to virtual staging. 

Property staging allows your open homes to shine

Whilst virtually staging property photos may do the job of attracting buyers online, real property staging goes one step further by creating an aesthetically pleasing environment when buyers step foot in the home. Buyers can envision how the home could look and allow them to see features of the home they might not otherwise have noticed, like beautiful fixtures or a view. When choosing to use virtual staging, you may also run the risk of disappointing buyers when they step foot into the home to see that it's empty, leaving them with less to admire. 

Property staging has been curated specifically for your property

Property stylists are trained in design and keep up with market trends to ensure your property is appealing to buyers. As well as viewing your home during the quote stage, they also have contact with expert real estate agents who can advise them of specific buyers your home may appeal to so that the home is staged around them. For example, a 2 bedroom apartment in the city would be better styled in a modern, minimalist aesthetic to attract a younger, professional couple, as opposed to styling it with furniture that looks like a family with kids live in it. 

As opposed to real property staging, virtual staging relies solely on a 2-dimensional image where proportions and features aren't taken into account. In most instances, those who are tasked with virtual staging have no design background and can make the space look worse than leaving the space empty! 

living room
Before: Virtual Staging
living room
After: Real Staging by House 2 Home Styling

Property staging is a better investment 

According to, ‘for every dollar you spend on property styling, you make $3 in return when you sell.’ When you invest in property staging, you’re investing in expert services that are proven to showcase your property in the best way possible, to secure the best price.

When you choose a property staging service like House 2 Home Styling, we provide options for Partial Staging, Full Staging and Luxe Staging. As well as attracting potential buyers to the online listing, they’ll also be captivated by a beautifully styled home that showcases the property in the best possible light. 

Both virtual property staging and real property staging have their own unique factors but ultimately, when you choose real property staging, you’re offering potential buyers a tangible and emotionally engaging experience. If you’re looking to showcase your property in the best possible light, visit our Style to Sell Packages or contact our experienced Gold Coast team to get started. 


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